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I Write…


I write what others tend to suppress in their thoughts. I say the things you wish you could. No fear do I have for the things that I will say. I write truth, sex filled fictional stories, personal bliss and the journeys’ of my past and present. I am an observer, an emotion agent, a linguistic major, a mind that never sleeps. My thoughts are given freedom with the touch of my fingertips to computer or pen to pad. I express my love, hate, aggressive and progressive nature through my writing. I accept all the things that are given to me through human contact and interaction. I take in what I see instead of overlooking things like most people do. I imagine stories of what if’s and why not’s. I can write a script with a hundred scenarios, all of them with different conflicts and endings. This is my calling, my therapy, my self freedom, satisfaction and sometimes distraction, an architect of words building a verbal high-rise, a gardener planting the seeds of emotions watching them grow into never-ending stories. An interview gives me a stronger awareness of how others perceive their own success, passion and love for what they do.

I follow cultures, watching them change, asking questions that will give me a better understanding of others. Sometimes my questions never get answered and that is okay it wasn’t meant for me to know. I love the minds working rotation of thoughts. The constant battle of who we are, what we want, where we are going, why we do it, when will it stop. They say actions speak louder than words, but the magnitude of telling someone how you feel or what you’re thinking ranks pretty high in my opinion for I am a master communicator.

Symbols speak to us through their current meanings, thoughts projected through art. Pictures painted or photos reflecting emotions, events historical or not, of cultures, beliefs, all a way of expressing that artist’s freedom of thought. I write for my freedom. I write for my soul and love for what I see, hear and feel. Writing is my passion. Through all I have been through in my past it has brought me to my calling of expression through words, a calling that will not allow defeat. It will not take me down the wrong path for these are real thoughts of human expression and meaning, it is to be shared. There will be someone out in this massive world that will follow me, that will feel the same as I and that connection empowers me.  I am a writer. A master communicator.

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Is an author, biographer, blogger, journalist and writer. Head journalist at, and contributor to she also leads direction as content coordinator at Jacquie Yo has published her second book, a biography on the life of Patti Palamidessi in The Other Four-Letter Word. Taking her love for writing and music, she created to embrace the talent living in Sacramento, Ca in 2009 and spent two years at Sacramento State University College Radio, KSSU, as a personality for the Get Low Show. She also lends her knowledge of the industry as a public speaker and volunteer for urban independent arts. Website:

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