A city filled…

A city…

Tonight I sat outside and just listened…I craved the vibe, random singing of Metallica as a bicyclist pushes up the hill, I realized that a city atmosphere is what I have been missing… just seeing LIFE unfold organically.

I didn’t realize it until this eve…no one can ever really be lonely in a metropolis.

I missed city life, the sound of life… cars pressuring brakes with their raunchy old grease smell, honking horns at 2 am or the buzz of 5 o’clock traffic… what about the blinking red and yellow lights signaling in a lane that isn’t welcomed by drivers, walking to the corner store for fresh dinner veggies, passing neighbors walking their dogs, a diverse dwelling, small shops, dive bars, diners, kids flocking to the parks as soon as the sun makes its way out of the misty clouds, walking blocks just to soak in the culture or simply driving through streets filled with their happy occupants seeking their hearts desires. Oh how I miss the big city.


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