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Coachella 16′ Pt. 1

After hearing that my best friend was attending this years most attended music festival it didn’t take long to make my mind up. In a weeks time I made it a personal goal to go to this years festivities…It has been years that I had wanted to attend…I was going to Coachella this year, with a month away, I quickly found my ticket and thus was going to go on a journey I have been dreaming about for years…

I was in such a frenzy trying to put together a lineup, timeline, what to do, see and eat turning into my journalistic self days before our weekend leave, to only convince myself that this trip would be just for Me. You see, I am also a music journalist and I always think about how I am going to share an experience with the lot of my followers via But this past weekend was my break, my own oasis of freedom and musical greatness.

In three days I experienced the most joyous days of my love for Music, Creativity and Art. Accompanied by my best friend, two of my in laws and his friend, we ventured to the desert of Indio, California to witness some of the greatest acts in our culture. Driving back on Monday, I decided I had to share, this was just to good not too. Everything about this weekend was incredible…new friendships, self content, inspiration, third eye views, sound euphoria and a continuous ethereal experience I call my Passion.

We arrived in Indio by 10pm, pulling into a car check line that was quickly made into a car show that elevated the festivals attendees to hop out of their vehicles to start the weekends party lifestyle properly. While our check in was rather quick, we were ushered to our campsite where we stretched and got to work on our home for the weekend. Tents, tables and ice chests quickly set up, we headed for the camping center to partake in the first official night of festivities to find a DJ in full swing under a mesh/metallic dome playing joints that only hype a crowd rather than the latter. Taking in the fellow campers, I was surprised to say the least, that just about everyone was ridiculously polite and happy that we would be enjoying the weekend together. At the game center a game of large scaled wooden Connect Four took place literally the pieces were bigger than my head, my in law Clarisa took the cake with her homegirl, B and I bowed out gracefully to find our tent that was in full affect with games of Rage Cage under way (i.e. a better version of beer pong). With more than five campsites that joined our area, the game was official and invigorating knowing that these kats would be a further experience of my weekend.


Our first day started out hot as shit by 7am, you see the sun rises at 5am in the desert and while we slumbered in our tents, the sun was not exactly welcomed everyday. But we pushed through getting used to our new daytime to find that our fellow campers were already up cooking breakfast and slapping bags. Ahh yes, a new term I learned, apparently it’s very relevant with the college boys in the south of Cali. (i.e. a boxed wine taken apart which reveals the bag its housed in, to only slap it that makes the same noise as slapping an ass, hence slapping bags). While I thought it was degrading at first, I quickly realized they were not in the right minds to find that this term might be offending and that where their from it’s accepted. So slapping bags in the morning along with hamburgers with no buns to playing Disney soundtracks were a thing to be apart of. Nah, we passed by playing Ice Cube, Anderson.Paak, Drake and a few tracks from Tupac mixed with 90’s R&B only to find that the rest of the campers felt our soundtrack courtesy of Eric.

Day 1 was super hyped as soon as our eyes opened, showers were taken, our camping family were in mode to happiness and we chilled until it was time to see Joey Bada$$. Walking into the grounds that make up Coachella, with every palm tree lit with purple lights in honor of Prince, the vision was beyond anything I can actually express, even two days after leaving…We walked into the massive land of musical heaven to find loads of people whom all want to see, feel and touch the air that makes up Coachella…our first stop Mr. Bada$$ himself whom killed the 50 min set with flying colors. Performing on the main Coachella stage the fans that showed up was overwhelming, I turned around after finding our spot to witness the droves…walking up with hand raised in the air singing word for word instantaously brought tears to my eyes…I was Here! He killed his set and of course paying homage to Prince in his most badass of ways effortlessly. This was damn near a testament that no matter the genre, every single artist at this festival would do a rendition and that made this weekend that much more meaningful. I never seen him live, to which I regret, but I got to see twenty plus do his tracks in the most honorable ways and that I am thankful for. Back to the schedule DJ Mustard was packed to the very black of the Sahara Tent, then it was time to witness ASAP Rocky. While the crowd was thick as fuck and manners were no avail, my best friend and I, made the best out of the situation with elbows up enjoying the sounds and movements of his music. The crowd in unison moved in the same sway which was, for a moment or two, beautiful. We then moved to the vastness of the Coachella main stage to witness Ellie Goulding…whose set was wonderous. I have never felt so happy nor comfortable with the mounds of people exploreing and avid fans feeling every note that was sung. After three opening high powered tracks she blessed us with When Doves Cry… we all  dove inside ourselves to feel what it meant to be a Prince fan when we first heard that song as it is timeless. Tears were provided via the heart and mind clear view via Coachella attendees…Back to the tent for more Rage, until our exhaustion fell into our bodies.

joey bada$$1

Day 2. Up by 7 am with sunlight shining golden on our desert skins. We prepared breakfast then to go over our day that is packed with rhythmic loves…James Bey with his beautiful voice was a nice entrance to day 2, but not as hyped as most of us were expecting. I left to venture out before Run The Jewels were up, so off to the beer garden to find most of the alcoholics meeting at one single place without a clue as to what is going on outside of these fences they trapped us in. Although the food was rather amazing. In the Beer Barn, which literally looked liked a barn without roof housed places like Sicilian Pan Pizza, Top Round, Sumo Dog and Beer Belly which were fan favorites considering the lines. I chose to savor in the Beer Belly line, two reasons why and that would be just in the name…Beer and Pork Belly my tummy was a happy camper. After a brief food and beer indulgence I ventured off to see Killer Mike and El-P to find myself low key in love with a set…they Killed it. Two hours later, after hitting the camp to save a few cars, tents and canopies after our first wind advisory I reigned supreme helping our tent homies out until the vast winds died down…Stay tuned for part two…





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