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Coachella 16′ Pt. 2

After leaving my tent oasis, my friends had already ventured off to see SZA, while I had already seen her twice, I decided to head to the Sahara tent to see Vince Staples. I was pleasantly surprised at his incredible stage performance. While the crowd, hyped and chill, I needed to stay to the back in order to walk back and forth from this tent to the main stage to see Disclosure whom I have just fell in love within the last year. The crowd moving to and fro, was heavy but oh so nice and accommodating, so pleasant and giving….while they passed pills, that I passed on…Nah kept it. Between Vince and Disclosure, the D gets the A+ grade for overall performance, crowd movement and song choices. Sweaty and ready for a break, to the beer garden I went, which was again calm.


Fifteen minutes went by quick and it was time to see one of the most notorious men whom created the West Coast Gangsta Rap Movements. I was so stoked. Cube was one of the first parental advisory cd’s I bought at 11 yrs. old and my moms didn’t even know any different. Walking up to the stage the crowd was already in place, no one was moving nor was I moving into that mess. But seen a fellow blogger whom grabbed my hand to lead me as close as we could to the stage. Blue Lights. Blue Lights. I was in awe…I could never have imagined seeing him live, and he was here right in front of me.

cube via miss info

Ice Cube rocked his classic joints, but even still felt like I was missing something. He took a break with the crowd to introduce Yella and Ren. Yella went to the tables, Ren grabbed a Mic then after one track Cube stated he would like to dedicate the performance to the Icon in music and entertainment…Prince. I can’t lie to ya, I did shed a few tears thinking of my sisters and cousin, they would have loved to witness this moment, as I wished they were there with me. Kendrick made his third appearance of the day which made everything Alright. I thought maybe Cube would go into some of his single old school joints while Yella was on the tables, but he didn’t’. All white pants to all white jersey, he asked “Is there a MF doctor in the MF house”…I went crazy. I never would have thought Dre to come out to Coachella. I mean Why? He is Dre. He doesn’t have to be here…Killed it, only one verse of Dre Day, while Yella on the tables, Ren on hype, Cube on backup…Monumental. I could’ve just ended my Coachella trip this very night with the amount of talent that I had witnessed in just two days, sheesh, it would’ve been enough to last me all year. I would go on about the third day of my mini music vacation, but I think I will leave you all here. Coachella is one hell of a musical adventure, the people, campsites, vendors, hospitality and overall environment was top notch and was happy to spend my very first Coachella in 2016.


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