Month: August 2016

A friend

My version of a friendship might not be like yours Open and honest sometimes critical to the core Those who have this friend will admit Hours, days and years of the time spent Earn a spot on the list, of life’s greatest gifts Rarely does one say, Mom you are it.

His Face

I call him Buggy Birthed beautifully in the middle of November A boy with big brown eyes Batting his long lashes, blushing with pride He is bigger now, just about to turn four Bouncing around buoyantly The kid is never a bore Building blocks and robots Overflow in his toy box But remember, bath time without bubbles You will be in for brief rumble Bursting with laughter The busy-body Bugs bolts to his bed To read a book, while Mommie rubs his head Bundled in his favorite blanket, he closes his eyes Buggy is now tucked in, beloved, goodnight.    

My Makeshift Desk

This makeshift desk of mine has everything I need to be successful. The writer that lives inside of me embarks daily on the task of refreshing its mind to new stories, ideas, research, what if’s and the why not’s. The books that surround me are that of classics, historical books on just about every country and culture. Fiction and non fiction writing, lists of autobiographies, references books galore along with my adorned religious scriptures. There are pictures facing my direction with eyes that inspire me to be the best at my craft.

The Revamp-Live Journal

I am not my past nor does it make a difference in my present… In order for me to grow to new heights I am always challenge myself to do more or something different to learn and flourish. I started this site to share my life and I haven’t done so. I have been too afraid to share everything I have been going through… I deleted my last two posts because it was not fair to share those entries without explaining. So I have pledged to revamp this site as my live journal…and more. For years I have kept a journal writing down day to day experiences and now I shall share them here. Vulnerable, aggressive, passionate, emotional, honest, travel, music, authorship, vulgar at times and some explicit entries…this is what you should expect.