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The Newcomer…

Venus as a Boy.

Over the last three years and nine months I have been supremely connected to my youngest sister’s first child, my joy, my Godson, Buggy. While the years have gone by rapidly, building a family, has been a big goal of theirs…thus I share with you The Reveal.

I had not, still, come to the reality that she has another little being inside of her until this afternoon. I can only attribute the idea of her having another child is not as exciting as the very first due to…the first for everything is a heightened experience that one can only be privy to once in a lifetime, with everything. As her family has pushed to grow, receiving a winning swimmer, the dynamic has changed. Our minds, boy or girl, wish for a likeness of what WE want them to be blessed with. The first mention of her having a child, I went deep to my intuition, trying to find the feeling of gender…nothing. When she first presented to the family of her first pregnancy, I knew, correction, felt, that she was having a boy. Thus the first grandson of our family was born. This round was different, I couldn’t feel it, nothing in my body led me to the gender, so today’s reveal was indeed exciting and nerve-racking, as we would all be witness, together, to find out what my baby would have. (yes, I call her baby…)

I watched as she ushered friends and family into the day party, and really looked at her…in awe. She is beautiful, I mean she is a beauty naturally, but today she glows with her soft coral colored laced dress that complements her milky skin and light hair. Her eyes a soft brown and smile that calms and excites you all at the same time.

The time had come. We all took our bets on either a quarterback or cheerleader, while the pink footballs lined up the right side of the score board, the blue helmets weren’t far from having their way neither…Deflate Gate. The excitement was on…

I grabbed the black balloon, created by her best friend, decorated with pink and blue dots and question marks to aid in the mystery of the afternoon…I began to get nervous, I knew what her and my brother-in-law wanted, a girl, to finalize the family. I walked the balloon out, grabbed my parents, corralled the attendees and awaited the news.

Watching this beautiful woman, filled with human life, take her spot next to her husband with Buggy between them, to find out what their next creation would entail…she popped the balloon…It’s A Boy!!!

While jitters subsided our family was overjoyed to know that another lil baby boy would be on his way in January, blessing us with his innocence and beauty. He will have his mother’s eyes, dark features like his Dad, height of his mom, skills of his father and intelligence to no bounds. Christian Robert Sanchez, your Nena, looks forward to meeting you. Till January lil one, we can’t wait to meet you. Venus as a Boy.



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