Journals and Writtens, The Live Journal Entries
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His Face

I call him Buggy

Birthed beautifully in the middle of November

A boy with big brown eyes

Batting his long lashes, blushing with pride

He is bigger now, just about to turn four

Bouncing around buoyantly

The kid is never a bore

Building blocks and robots

Overflow in his toy box

But remember, bath time without bubbles

You will be in for brief rumble

Bursting with laughter

The busy-body Bugs bolts to his bed

To read a book, while Mommie rubs his head

Bundled in his favorite blanket, he closes his eyes

Buggy is now tucked in, beloved, goodnight.




Is an author, biographer, blogger, journalist and writer. Head journalist at, and contributor to she also leads direction as content coordinator at Jacquie Yo has published her second book, a biography on the life of Patti Palamidessi in The Other Four-Letter Word. Taking her love for writing and music, she created to embrace the talent living in Sacramento, Ca in 2009 and spent two years at Sacramento State University College Radio, KSSU, as a personality for the Get Low Show. She also lends her knowledge of the industry as a public speaker and volunteer for urban independent arts. Website:

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