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Friendships and a Partae.


Saturday November 5th.

Counting blessings by the day and life could not be more of a motivation for me to live, live this life that is utterly unpredictable and beautiful in every way. Just follow the path Jacquie, it has been more then generous and it only gets better.  – J Yo

Today one of best of friends came into town to visit with family and to celebrate her birth-Tae. Although work called me upon me at the rise of the sun, I made sure that this eve was all hers.

It has been exactly one year since I last seen her. The city of angels last blessed our meeting and this year our hometown welcomed her presence with open arms. It has been heavily on my mind exactly what does a true friendship look and feel like. As I have grown older I have become very aware, almost too aware, of the people I choose to keep in my life and whom I choose to move to a different life station.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I don’t have friends, I have more than I can count. But they all fall into categories for me. You know what I mean; work friends, high schools friends, college friends, family/siblings they all fall into specific categories that entail different roles within themselves. But there is a very real difference between those relationships verses the friendship of a Best.

I met her seven years ago, while sitting in the coffee shop that I would soon be supervising. I watched, admired and laughed within the six hours I sat there observing. She was not only accommodating, did her job proficiently, she had an aura that brought this tangible ease to whomever she spoke to or whomever she laid eyes on. They walked away, lighter, brighter and always with a smile. Gold Star Employee. For shig. What I didn’t know is just how much she would effect my life, that I will save for another post. *wink*

Tonight was a gift to watch, witness and be a part of. You see, Tae, is not the average female best friend. She exudes realness, extreme honesty, silliness, hard but unconditional love that can not be measured. It’s very hard for me to even try a place adjectives to create sentences that would paint a visual or feeling of who she is. Shontae…she just is.

Just as she has since the day I met her, my life would and would not be complete without meeting her and everyone whom she has encountered can attest to this same statement. Authentically real without compromise. We have been witness to each others faults, heartaches, progression struggles, relationship woes and never have the tides changed. She sees heart and soul, no judgments ever she takes you as you are with the most open of arms and the warmest of unconditional love. I am extremely blessed to say that this human is my Friend.

An actress, screenwriter, dj, B-Girl, motivational speaker and lover of all things higher being and life Authentically. The light that illuminates from her pores is dangerously addicting and I could not have been on this journey without her being in my life.

Happy Birthday My Tae!!

Your light, ambition and faith have paved your path incredibly. I can not wait to see where life continues to take you next. Leaping Lizards you’re just Fantastic!


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