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The Catchup

I owe ya’ll an apology. I have not been as committed to you recently.. rather cheating a bit…

The last three weeks my focus has been on a community food drive my team at have committed ourselves to. November 1st we began a donation drive aimed at helping families whom are having provider incapability’s and those who have been displaced or living on our city streets living in hunger. We, at LGNDVRY wanted to provide a full fall solstice meal to at least 150 families.

Personally, I don’t and haven’t in the past handful of years really enjoyed this national holiday, for the history and meaning behind it. I am Native, this holiday isn’t one, for me, to sit around a table, give joyous stories or thankful nodes and feast on a plate full of food. While I am the only awaken’ed being in my family, it is hard for me to recognize or celebrate during this November month. The turkeys placed at grocery check out stands, to cranberry dressing, yams and fucking pumpkin pie strategically placed at every end cap of every isle. It’s too much. It’s a day, shit rather a month, of glorifying a time of turmoil in history. I can not sit around and allow a marketed day of family and giving go by without doing something…I choose to give back. Erasing the idea, ThanksGiving, to make a new holiday for myself and hopefully others…A day of Thanks and Giving.

We decided to team up with a few local independent companies, whom garner positivity, progressiveness, community and who share in our same vision..universally.Thus LGNDVRY’s No Jive Turkey Drive was birthed. As this being a first for all of us, it was definitely a challenge. No easy way out of this one folks. We didn’t just post a fundraising site and ask for money, no we asked for volunteers, partnerships, sponsors and canned/or monetary donations to aid in our mission. What cracks me up is people will create a page to raise funds, let’s say a wedding, asking for people to donate in order to join these two individuals in a marriage, or please send me money so that I can get a X Box 360? Yo, did you miss the introduction to the site, how is this even possible or better yet how are these people raising racks to get what they want and we are feeding the less fortunate, because we in turn see how fortunate we are and have to work our ass off for a donation?

That was my second week mind frame, I was a bit disheveled, not to mention my whole family knew how hard I was working to this to be a success. Doesn’t entirely surprise me, support is lack luster when it comes to anything I promote, unless it a personal post on this here site. Let me correct that S/O to my Dad and Susan for donating to the cause and my mother and baby sister.

Any who…this mission yesterday was concrete and beyond expectation. A rally at the Monterey Trail High School aided in three totes and 5 bags full of canned goods. A huge push to securing the goods needed to pull this idea and compassionate mention to success.

I hope this explains a bit of my absence…stay tuned for a birthday with my lovebug aka Buggy, The Audacity of an Opinion and more.




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