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The List – The Roles I Lead

I Am…

a writer

a journalist

a coordinator of events (private parties/weddings)

a business(s) owner

a caretaker

a sister

a best friend

a daughter

a granddaughter

a sister -in-law

a lover

a godmother

an auntie

a protector

a community representative

a leader in every sense of the word

a therapeutic companion

This is a list of roles I play on a daily basis, the roles interchange throughout the day, but regardless I am all of these Everyday….Successfully. I am a leader by blood. I know no other way then to be these roles, Successfully.

This year I had to set boundaries within these positions with everyone that was attached to these roles. Being that I allowed everyone to use these roles I so beautifully shared with them to Abuse for their own gain. You see reciprocity is key in any relationship. If you hold a few of these roles, then to whom you play these roles to, must also be that for you. It took me along time to clearly understand that this is what should happen. The selflessness that I was carelessly sharing was foolish. The people you have shared your roles with, must clearly understand the positions in which you choose to share with them. I always lived by the bible scripture Luke 6:31″Do unto others as you would want to do unto you.” And while that is a noble way of living, it truly does not get reciprocated.

I wrote this in order to share this with you…Be completely aware of your actions, time, energy and exactly how you share your gifts of being everything for everyone all of the time. Sooner or later you will get tired and a muted lost self will turn into something unrecognizable. Be authentically you, in all these roles, but allow boundaries and understanding of how these roles are received to keep you in supreme content and happiness. There is no one else like you in this world. Consciously choose to be what these people need in you but never allow them to Abuse you.

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Is an author, biographer, blogger, journalist and writer. Head journalist at, and contributor to she also leads direction as content coordinator at Jacquie Yo has published her second book, a biography on the life of Patti Palamidessi in The Other Four-Letter Word. Taking her love for writing and music, she created to embrace the talent living in Sacramento, Ca in 2009 and spent two years at Sacramento State University College Radio, KSSU, as a personality for the Get Low Show. She also lends her knowledge of the industry as a public speaker and volunteer for urban independent arts. Website:

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