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Coachella 16′ Pt. 2

After leaving my tent oasis, my friends had already ventured off to see SZA, while I had already seen her twice, I decided to head to the Sahara tent to see Vince Staples. I was pleasantly surprised at his incredible stage performance. While the crowd, hyped and chill, I needed to stay to the back in order to walk back and forth from this tent to the main stage to see Disclosure whom I have just fell in love within the last year. The crowd moving to and fro, was heavy but oh so nice and accommodating, so pleasant and giving….while they passed pills, that I passed on…Nah kept it. Between Vince and Disclosure, the D gets the A+ grade for overall performance, crowd movement and song choices. Sweaty and ready for a break, to the beer garden I went, which was again calm.

Coachella 16′ Pt. 1

After hearing that my best friend was attending this years most attended music festival it didn’t take long to make my mind up. In a weeks time I made it a personal goal to go to this years festivities…It has been years that I had wanted to attend…I was going to Coachella this year, with a month away, I quickly found my ticket and thus was going to go on a journey I have been dreaming about for years… I was in such a frenzy trying to put together a lineup, timeline, what to do, see and eat turning into my journalistic self days before our weekend leave, to only convince myself that this trip would be just for Me. You see, I am also a music journalist and I always think about how I am going to share an experience with the lot of my followers via But this past weekend was my break, my own oasis of freedom and musical greatness.