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The Audacity of having an Opinion

“Politics and Family Don’t Mix” I have sat through this electoral process for the last year and some change, watching listening and carefully collecting my thoughts and opinions. Being open to dialogue with family even though we clearly envision something different, very different of our future and sides of the aisle. I respect those of whom hold different opinions, because I learn from their thinking, I learn their values and ultimately get a better understanding of how they see the world and what a change might mean to them. Daily, I aid in the care of my two elderly grandparents, for multiple reasons, but these past months the channel on their HDTV has not changed. No matter the day nor time it has been glued to the election and nothing more. Hours of having media bullshit and enlightening rhetoric, with aggressive commentary battered into my brain leaving minimal room to fully encompass the natures of this election without sway and voting privileges to mesh in with my reality. I just wanted this whole embarrassing muppet …

The Catchup

I owe ya’ll an apology. I have not been as committed to you recently.. rather cheating a bit… The last three weeks my focus has been on a community food drive my team at have committed ourselves to. November 1st we began a donation drive aimed at helping families whom are having provider incapability’s and those who have been displaced or living on our city streets living in hunger. We, at LGNDVRY wanted to provide a full fall solstice meal to at least 150 families. Personally, I don’t and haven’t in the past handful of years really enjoyed this national holiday, for the history and meaning behind it. I am Native, this holiday isn’t one, for me, to sit around a table, give joyous stories or thankful nodes and feast on a plate full of food. While I am the only awaken’ed being in my family, it is hard for me to recognize or celebrate during this November month. The turkeys placed at grocery check out stands, to cranberry dressing, yams and fucking pumpkin …

A friend

My version of a friendship might not be like yours Open and honest sometimes critical to the core Those who have this friend will admit Hours, days and years of the time spent Earn a spot on the list, of life’s greatest gifts Rarely does one say, Mom you are it.

His Face

I call him Buggy Birthed beautifully in the middle of November A boy with big brown eyes Batting his long lashes, blushing with pride He is bigger now, just about to turn four Bouncing around buoyantly The kid is never a bore Building blocks and robots Overflow in his toy box But remember, bath time without bubbles You will be in for brief rumble Bursting with laughter The busy-body Bugs bolts to his bed To read a book, while Mommie rubs his head Bundled in his favorite blanket, he closes his eyes Buggy is now tucked in, beloved, goodnight.    

The Power of the Letter P

I was told to find an Alpha Male, thus I did so… The influence and power of the letter P. A story of a private relationship that encouraged emotions; vulnerability, disengagement, loyalty, compromise and understanding mixed with shame, guilt, control and a masterful domination. These words hold so much weight, on my shoulders, heavy still, that even a few months of working through my past situation, still haunts my day to day. It’s not easy… to have held a person in such a bright light to realize that light was a mere flicker of a once full wick. One word, not mentioned above was Love.