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The List – The Roles I Lead

I Am… a writer a journalist a coordinator of events (private parties/weddings) a business(s) owner a caretaker a sister a best friend a daughter a granddaughter a sister -in-law a lover a godmother an auntie a protector a community representative a leader in every sense of the word a therapeutic companion This is a list of roles I play on a daily basis, the roles interchange throughout the day, but regardless I am all of these Everyday….Successfully. I am a leader by blood. I know no other way then to be these roles, Successfully. This year I had to set boundaries within these positions with everyone that was attached to these roles. Being that I allowed everyone to use these roles I so beautifully shared with them to Abuse for their own gain. You see reciprocity is key in any relationship. If you hold a few of these roles, then to whom you play these roles to, must also be that for you. It took me along time to clearly understand that this is what …

A Day of Reflection – A White Man Genocide Celebration

  This morning I went back and forth, mentally, on whether I should post about today’s nation wide holiday celebration. My nation, my Native Nation, is currently under attack in North Dakota while the sitting President is out golfing, hosting music/art festivals on the front lawn and celebrating his end of term. Sure, that is exactly what he should do if the country is calm and peaceful…but it’s not calm or peaceful. With all the time he spent on the Clinton campaign he could have stopped the mind numbing abuse that is happening over an oil pipeline. How many times is this country going to battle with oil? When will the well being of the People be at the forefront of any business dealings or money exchange? *birds chirping* that is the history of our United States. Money over Humanity. In September 1620, a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, carrying 102 passengers—an assortment of religious separatists seeking a new home where they could freely practice their faith and other individuals lured by …

The Catchup

I owe ya’ll an apology. I have not been as committed to you recently.. rather cheating a bit… The last three weeks my focus has been on a community food drive my team at have committed ourselves to. November 1st we began a donation drive aimed at helping families whom are having provider incapability’s and those who have been displaced or living on our city streets living in hunger. We, at LGNDVRY wanted to provide a full fall solstice meal to at least 150 families. Personally, I don’t and haven’t in the past handful of years really enjoyed this national holiday, for the history and meaning behind it. I am Native, this holiday isn’t one, for me, to sit around a table, give joyous stories or thankful nodes and feast on a plate full of food. While I am the only awaken’ed being in my family, it is hard for me to recognize or celebrate during this November month. The turkeys placed at grocery check out stands, to cranberry dressing, yams and fucking pumpkin …

Friendships and a Partae.

  Saturday November 5th. Counting blessings by the day and life could not be more of a motivation for me to live, live this life that is utterly unpredictable and beautiful in every way. Just follow the path Jacquie, it has been more then generous and it only gets better.  – J Yo Today one of best of friends came into town to visit with family and to celebrate her birth-Tae. Although work called me upon me at the rise of the sun, I made sure that this eve was all hers. It has been exactly one year since I last seen her. The city of angels last blessed our meeting and this year our hometown welcomed her presence with open arms. It has been heavily on my mind exactly what does a true friendship look and feel like. As I have grown older I have become very aware, almost too aware, of the people I choose to keep in my life and whom I choose to move to a different life station. Don’t get …

Jacquie Yo

Author, Blogger, Journalist and Writer Head journalist at, frequent contributor at and leading content coordinator at, Jacquie has created her own lane in journalism. Jacquie has also recently published her second book, a biography on the life of Patti Palamidessi in The Other Four-Letter Word. Taking her love for writing and music, she created to embrace the talent living in Sacramento, Ca in 2009 and spent two years at Sacramento State University College Radio, KSSU, as a Hip Hop journalist/personality for the Get Low Show. She also lends her knowledge of the industry as a public speaker and volunteer for urban independent arts. For more information on all things Jacquie Yo click here –>

My Makeshift Desk

This makeshift desk of mine has everything I need to be successful. The writer that lives inside of me embarks daily on the task of refreshing its mind to new stories, ideas, research, what if’s and the why not’s. The books that surround me are that of classics, historical books on just about every country and culture. Fiction and non fiction writing, lists of autobiographies, references books galore along with my adorned religious scriptures. There are pictures facing my direction with eyes that inspire me to be the best at my craft.

Media x Life x Hip Hop…Dee Barnes and I.

As a female journalist I have come across a lot of titles that misrepresented my passion for music journalism/writing…groupie, gossip seeker or even unknowledgeable, due to being the opposite sex in a male dominate industry. As if there is no place for a female voice in the industry, shit don’t you know us females, emotional, nurturing beings are probably the most important figures in the industry. Who else is going to care why you do what you do? Who else really cares why your family history has birthed this character or how your mama taught you how to hustle and grind to achieve success? Or what about us Hip Hop heads whom watched bboys get it in, a part of epic freestyles, rep’d as hard as the next dude for the benefit of making Hip Hop a Culture?