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Coachella 16′ Pt. 1

After hearing that my best friend was attending this years most attended music festival it didn’t take long to make my mind up. In a weeks time I made it a personal goal to go to this years festivities…It has been years that I had wanted to attend…I was going to Coachella this year, with a month away, I quickly found my ticket and thus was going to go on a journey I have been dreaming about for years… I was in such a frenzy trying to put together a lineup, timeline, what to do, see and eat turning into my journalistic self days before our weekend leave, to only convince myself that this trip would be just for Me. You see, I am also a music journalist and I always think about how I am going to share an experience with the lot of my followers via But this past weekend was my break, my own oasis of freedom and musical greatness.