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One Year – An Intro to Self Discovery

I lived in silence for well over thirty years. I could not scream loud enough for my ears to hear my needs. It was last October that I decided to break my silence. I can tell you everything that led up to that specific moment that begged for attention to be paid to ME, but that will require more than one blog post to explain. What I will share, is what this last year of self discovery has taught me. I was the type of person that put everyone’s needs before mine because I knew that I could help and handle whatever roadblock was being produced in another’s life. I, humanly, could not sit by and see another crashing into mental disruption or emotional torment. So I helped, always keeping in the back of head, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” If I had my own problems or conflicts, I detoured in order to not deal with the immediate need to repair my path, I had become the fleshy blinking hazard lights …

The Revamp-Live Journal

I am not my past nor does it make a difference in my present… In order for me to grow to new heights I am always challenge myself to do more or something different to learn and flourish. I started this site to share my life and I haven’t done so. I have been too afraid to share everything I have been going through… I deleted my last two posts because it was not fair to share those entries without explaining. So I have pledged to revamp this site as my live journal…and more. For years I have kept a journal writing down day to day experiences and now I shall share them here. Vulnerable, aggressive, passionate, emotional, honest, travel, music, authorship, vulgar at times and some explicit entries…this is what you should expect.