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A friend

My version of a friendship might not be like yours Open and honest sometimes critical to the core Those who have this friend will admit Hours, days and years of the time spent Earn a spot on the list, of life’s greatest gifts Rarely does one say, Mom you are it.

His Face

I call him Buggy Birthed beautifully in the middle of November A boy with big brown eyes Batting his long lashes, blushing with pride He is bigger now, just about to turn four Bouncing around buoyantly The kid is never a bore Building blocks and robots Overflow in his toy box But remember, bath time without bubbles You will be in for brief rumble Bursting with laughter The busy-body Bugs bolts to his bed To read a book, while Mommie rubs his head Bundled in his favorite blanket, he closes his eyes Buggy is now tucked in, beloved, goodnight.