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One Year – An Intro to Self Discovery

I lived in silence for well over thirty years. I could not scream loud enough for my ears to hear my needs. It was last October that I decided to break my silence. I can tell you everything that led up to that specific moment that begged for attention to be paid to ME, but that will require more than one blog post to explain. What I will share, is what this last year of self discovery has taught me. I was the type of person that put everyone’s needs before mine because I knew that I could help and handle whatever roadblock was being produced in another’s life. I, humanly, could not sit by and see another crashing into mental disruption or emotional torment. So I helped, always keeping in the back of head, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.” If I had my own problems or conflicts, I detoured in order to not deal with the immediate need to repair my path, I had become the fleshy blinking hazard lights …

His Face

I call him Buggy Birthed beautifully in the middle of November A boy with big brown eyes Batting his long lashes, blushing with pride He is bigger now, just about to turn four Bouncing around buoyantly The kid is never a bore Building blocks and robots Overflow in his toy box But remember, bath time without bubbles You will be in for brief rumble Bursting with laughter The busy-body Bugs bolts to his bed To read a book, while Mommie rubs his head Bundled in his favorite blanket, he closes his eyes Buggy is now tucked in, beloved, goodnight.    

The Power of the Letter P

I was told to find an Alpha Male, thus I did so… The influence and power of the letter P. A story of a private relationship that encouraged emotions; vulnerability, disengagement, loyalty, compromise and understanding mixed with shame, guilt, control and a masterful domination. These words hold so much weight, on my shoulders, heavy still, that even a few months of working through my past situation, still haunts my day to day. It’s not easy… to have held a person in such a bright light to realize that light was a mere flicker of a once full wick. One word, not mentioned above was Love.

Media x Life x Hip Hop…Dee Barnes and I.

As a female journalist I have come across a lot of titles that misrepresented my passion for music journalism/writing…groupie, gossip seeker or even unknowledgeable, due to being the opposite sex in a male dominate industry. As if there is no place for a female voice in the industry, shit don’t you know us females, emotional, nurturing beings are probably the most important figures in the industry. Who else is going to care why you do what you do? Who else really cares why your family history has birthed this character or how your mama taught you how to hustle and grind to achieve success? Or what about us Hip Hop heads whom watched bboys get it in, a part of epic freestyles, rep’d as hard as the next dude for the benefit of making Hip Hop a Culture?

I Write…

  I write what others tend to suppress in their thoughts. I say the things you wish you could. No fear do I have for the things that I will say. I write truth, sex filled fictional stories, personal bliss and the journeys’ of my past and present. I am an observer, an emotion agent, a linguistic major, a mind that never sleeps. My thoughts are given freedom with the touch of my fingertips to computer or pen to pad. I express my love, hate, aggressive and progressive nature through my writing. I accept all the things that are given to me through human contact and interaction. I take in what I see instead of overlooking things like most people do. I imagine stories of what if’s and why not’s. I can write a script with a hundred scenarios, all of them with different conflicts and endings. This is my calling, my therapy, my self freedom, satisfaction and sometimes distraction, an architect of words building a verbal high-rise, a gardener planting the seeds of emotions …